Let me explain what the heck happened here...

It ALWAYS starts with a story, right??

A few months ago my company, Origami Owl (soon to be Think Goodness), started putting random rubber ducks in our orders. Why? JUST to make people smile. How cool is that? Fast forward to May while we are installing our first pool, and while chatting about this, I casually mentioned to my husband how cool it would be to put a BUNCH of rubber ducks in the pool!

He laughed and said, "Umm...NO." and the subject was changed.

Life happens and we get busy - and I forgot all about it. Then last week (July 2021) I started thinking about these ducks again, and about how fun it would be to FILL my pool with them. And, for giggles, posted about it (see the screenshot of my post below).

Little did I know that ALLLLLL my Facebook and Instagram friends are enablers who would not only encourage me to do it but who would also offer to SEND ME DUCKS to make it happen!! (I seriously have the BEST community!)

Soon - the posts and stories were full of schemes and plans (ALL blocked from hubby's view), and a plan began to unfold to surprise hubby with a pool full of ducks. We ended with 665 ducks - which may SOUND like a lot but barely scratched the surface of a 20' pool!

Nonetheless - it was a LOT of fun, and hubby was definitely surprised! Want to watch it all unfold? CLICK HERE for the Instagram Stories recap (warning - if you don't already know me, I'm a WEE bit goofy)!

Naturally - the most asked question was "What are you going to do with all the ducks afterward?"...and I KNEW I wanted to give them away! Many would go to a local organization that recently had their funds cut and, ironically,  NEEDED DUCKS for a senior fundraiser (they had planned a duck race)! And the rest - I wanted to randomly give away. I remembered how excited customers and designers were to receive them in their packages, and wanted to make others happy, too!

PLUS - our new company Think Goodness is ALLLLLLL about making the world a better, brighter place...ONE act of kindness at a time!

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted others to be able to participate, too. So, the Happy Duck Society was born! I wanted to create something FUN so anyone, ANYWHERE, could spread a little love and kindness. And rubber duckies are just.plain.HAPPY (just ask Earnie)!

So, how can YOU participate? EASY - just download this FREE PDF to print your OWN Happy Duck Society cards, then grab some ducks and start spreading the love! (Print front to back for 2-sided cards, cut, fold, and VOILA!) SHARE online when you leave them or gift them, and remember to use hashtags #HAPPYDUCKSOCIETY and #GOTQUACKED!

WHO do you gift them to? ANYONE!! Teachers, your waitress, complete strangers, your boss, the car next to you in the parking lot, your favorite barista, the babysitter, that kind cashier, your flight attendant, your neighbor - anyone who could use a smile.

Are you ready to make a difference? Let's make it our mission to QUACK smiles all over the world!

-Aimee Johnson

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