Just in case you're curious who the heck I am...


Everything starts with a story, right? So here is mine!

I found Origami Owl through a new friend who was selling it. I fell in LOVE with the tiny charms, and how I could carry my story in a sparkly locket around my neck. I shared my new locket with EVERYONE, so it just made sense for me to join the company and offer it to others! Plus - my husband had just deployed to Afghanistan for a year, and I welcomed the distraction!

Origami Owl became my full time job 11 months after I joined, and on August 7th I celebrated 7 years with this incredible company. I truly had no expectation when I joined - I just love the products! But 7 years and 9 all-expense paid vacations later, I can't imagine doing anything else. I truly love my job!

Today is warmer!! Its a toasty 53°.._edi


My family is my EVERYTHING. We drive each other crazy, make each other laugh, and are fiercely loyal to each other. They have been my biggest supporters - and hearing your family tell you how proud they are of you is the greatest gift. I'm a very lucky girl!

I'm also a fur-momma to Pepper, Macie, and Lucy (2 long-haired doxies and a Golden Retriever). They are ridiculous and fun and SPOILED.

My husband I can often be found on his motorcycle, traveling, listening to my son sing and play guitar, or even just snuggling up to watch a little Netflix. I work from home, so I even get to travel with hubby sometimes! Perks of having a job I can do from anywhere. ;-)


Call or text me: 573-202-0942

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