• Aimee Johnson

$49 to start your own Gift Shop business - say what?!?!

I bet you're looking for the 'catch', aren't you? There really isn't one. So, what do you get for $49 when you start your own Origami Owl business in January? Let’s count it down!

1 - A FREE Gift-shop Website that you can share with friends and family. With Valentine’s Day coming, then Easter, then Mother’s Day and Graduations – there are a TON of reasons to be a gift-shop owner!! And did I mention your website is FREE?? There are also NO monthly or annual designer fees…

2 - You get $220 in FREE CREDIT that you can shop with  - ONLY when you start your Origami Owl business by January 31st! And because that is wholesale value, it’s equal to over $300 retail! WOW! You can use this credit to purchase jewelry and/or business supplies (like display pieces and catalogs) – so it truly is a build-your-own starter kit! Credit is good for a FULL YEAR or until you go inactive - so there is NO RUSH to use it up!

3 - Our Locket Builder app!! Guys – this is a GAME CHANGER. Not only can YOU create lockets on your phone or computer and send them to ANYONE, but your customers/friends/family can also create locket looks on your website! It’s FUN and EASY, too! So - you’ll NEVER feel pressured to carry a ton of inventory. 😊

4 - Let's talk about SHOPPING!! As a designer, YOU get to shop at wholesale prices (20-40% off) – even on sale items!! So not only will you be giving the BEST, most meaningful gifts – you’ll also SAVE MONEY on your gifts as well!

5 - YOUR business, YOUR way. You can work as little or as much as you want, and you will NEVER be pressured to do more than that. We’ll chat about your goals and what you want out of your business and make a plan. Some join to make extra money, some join for community, some join just for the discount. That decision is up to you!

6 - Give us 6 months and see what happens. You truly have NOTHING to lose!! But this offer ends SOON and all that lovely shopping/starter credit will go away!

There are a TON of other things I could list - but I think you get the idea. 

Don’t over think this friends – it really IS a no-brainer. Are YOU ready to get started? Let’s chat!!

- Aimee 😊

P.S. Don't forget that you have ME to help you EVERY step of the way!!

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