• Aimee Johnson

I can, I will.

During a conversation with my husband (Kevin) yesterday about us both wanting to get in better shape, I made the suggestion that we commit to walk more TOGETHER and hold each other accountable. We have an elliptical and treadmill downstairs for bad-weather days, and on good days we just get out and go for a walk - we have 3 dogs who would be MORE than happy to join us.

Fast forward to this morning, Labor Day Monday. I roll out of bed, throw a light robe on, shuffle down the hall to the kitchen and make myself that glorious first-cup of coffee (the FIRST thing I do EVERY morning). I sit down at the kitchen island and MAYBE take 2 sips when hubby walks in and says "Hey - wanna take the dogs for a walk this morning before it gets too hot?".

My first thought? "No! I just poured my coffee!"

My second thought? "Geez - it's a holiday!"

My third thought? "Hey dummy - this was YOUR idea to walk more and your husband is trying to be supportive - STOP making excuses."


I put the coffee down and threw on a pair of shorts, a tshirt, and pulled the hair back into a pony tail. It really was a beautiful morning for a walk and the dogs were pretty happy, too!!

Guys - we can talk ourselves out of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING...just like I almost did this morning. If I want to be in better shape then I have to DO SOMETHING about it.

Excuses are EASY. Work is hard. What excuses are YOU making right now?

I'm gonna choose to WORK. I can, and I will.

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