• Aimee Johnson

I had to do it!!

Picture it - we are in a van, on our way to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A van full of excited Origami Owl designers on their way to a sight of a lifetime! The discussion in the van is 'what pose' everyone is going to choose to photo with the leaning tower - what they've seen online, how they can be creative, what they love, what's unique, etc.

My mind immediately goes to what we DO - we tell stories in our LOCKETS. I mean - that's how we all earned this trip! HOW can I put the tower in a LOCKET??

I'll be honest - it wasn't easy. I took a TON of pictures before I realized that my phone was NOT going to focus on both the locket I was holding and the far-away tower (hey, I'm no professional). I realized I was going to need to take 2 pictures and crop/layer them. And truly - this first picture is ROUGH (DO NOT look closely at the edges...LOL). But hey - that's how you learn, right? I've figured a few things out since this first picture, but because this was my first time attempting this, I'll leave this one as-is. I was pretty proud that I created it on my phone (in the bus after we left, no less)! ;-)

After this one, I created a few other special moments in lockets. It was a trip of a lifetime - and the POINT of what we do is to capture those moments, right? ;-)

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