• Aimee Johnson

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Nothing friends.

Even with my boys - I've noticed that the things they have EARNED and worked hard for mean SO MUCH MORE to them than the things they are just given.

This is the front and back of my locket:

- Being successful at my job takes work (our Olive the Owl charm).

- Being a good wife and mom takes work (Wife and mommy charms).

- Having a close family takes work (family charm).

- Having a strong team takes work (the light bulb and heart - our team name is Team Light & Love).

- Achieving my dreams take work (dream charm).

- Having a strong and loving marriage takes work (the wedding ring).

- Staying strong in my faith takes work (the cross).

This locket is my reminder that ALL the things I love TAKE WORK - which is NOT always easy, but OH SO worth it. <3

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