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This weekend's event was in Belleville Illinois. New events in new locations mean new faces, new stories, and new opportunities to meet new people. This event is 2 hours from home, so the possibility of running into people I know was slim.

During busy events, there can be SUCH a rush of emotion. So many stories crammed into such a short amount of time! Some happy, some sad. At one point I was so busy, I was 3-4 people deep. As much as I like to be busy, I also want to give EACH person the time they deserve to build a perfect locket. Honestly, I think I've even lost customers because they get tired of waiting while I take the time to take care of the guest in front of them. I mean, everyone is acknowledged...but I can't walk away from someone who is asking for my help, either. I guess I'd rather provide exceptional service to that ONE person than mediocre service to 3 people.

Here are just a few of my guests from the weekend:

- The mom who was gifted a memorial locket after she lost her son to cancer last year - she only needed the purple ribbon to make her gifted locket perfect. We shared LOTS of hugs and tears.

- The woman who came back to see me 3 times until I was available to help her build a locket for her sister. Her sister always envied HER locket so she knew this would be the perfect gift!

- The sisters-by-marriage who built wrap lockets together. They laughed and had SO much fun creating their individual looks - and they just HAD to have 'sister' charms in their new bracelets.

- The woman who "always wanted one of these" and decided to treat herself. She was an older woman who smiles like a teenager while building her first locket!

- The mom who built 3 lockets for her 3 adult daughters, who took the time to make sure each locket fit each girl's personality and style. She and I spent a LONG time together to get it JUST right!

- At least 5 guests who didn't come to shop, but stopped to share their locket and story. Some were gifts, some were purchased a while back - all were special.

...and so much more.

I love my job. It's NEVER boring, and the stories are SO worth listening to. Even the sad ones. Because they all matter.

My display this weekend.


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