• Aimee Johnson

Who knew a simple locket could do that...

I was set up for a 3-day event a few weeks ago - and MAN were we busy!! I joking say that my job is NEVER boring - but it’s SO true. Different people, different stories, even different special meanings for each of our charms. Happy stories, family stories, travel stories, hope & dreams stories. And there are ALWAYS the stories I know I’ll never forget, like our last customer of the night. My husband and I spent a LOT of time with Evelyn to make sure her lockets were perfect. You see...She works at a funeral home. And as difficult as that is all on it’s own - Evelyn has friend who has suffered loss of family members 3 times in the last 6 months...and this last time was her own 27 year old son. Evelyn’s first Origami Owl locket was a gift from a friend. She did not go into detail, but simply shared how much it meant to her, and that she wanted to do the same for her grieving friend. Evelyn built two special lockets - one for her friend who lost her son, and one for the friend’s daughter who lost a brother. It took some time...but finally they are both simple and perfect. And I know they will touch Evelyn’s friend because of how much time and thought she put into them. THIS is what I get to do friends. I get to be a part of special moments, specials gifts like these. And it’s a feeling I truly can’t describe. Who knew that a simple locket could do SO MUCH GOOD.

It’s so much more than jewelry guys...

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